Person-Centered Service Planning

  • Develop Detailed Person Centric Service Plans
  • Determine Goals, Objectives & Scoring Method
  • Generate Reports for Review & Analysis

ISP Modules

Therap’s Individual Service or Support Plan (ISP) module provides a platform to facilitate discussions and help in the decision making process when creating a person-centered service plan. Agencies can use this tool to plan, organize and implement the individualized service plans for each individual in a HIPAA compliant manner.

The ISP module includes program definition, data collection, and report generation which offers a flexible way of tracking goals and progress of an Individual.

You can also document the following funded services and supports on the Individual Service Plan:

  • Natural Supports and Community Resources
  • Medicaid State Plan Services
  • Federal, State, and County Funded Resources
  • HCB Waiver Service Summary
  • Other Services or 100% OPWDD Funded Supports & Services

  • Name of Service Provider Receiving Copy of the Plan & Attachments

ISP Reports

Generate reports on the services provided to the Individuals to track service delivery and progress towards goals. The reports are mainly four types:

  • Programmatic Reports
    Programmatic Reports show the service data collected for programs that an Individual undertakes. The report shows the task scores for specific periods and the calculated deviation from the baseline. This assists in tracking the progress of the individuals and also in planning future steps.
  • Clinician Reports
    Clinician Reports display detailed information about the days and times during which training or supervision is provided. It also shows comments and observations recorded during the sessions.
  • Hab Documentation Record
    This report lists the days of a month and shows on which days services were provided against each task defined in person-centered service planning along with links to particular documentation of the day and initials of the provider who provided the service.

  • Data Collection Monthly
    This report is very similar to the Hab Documentation Record report and includes a Data Collection Monthly Summary Note where staff can add narratives about the program and the individual’s progress.

Individualized Plan of Protective Oversight and Safeguards

The Individual Plan of Protective Oversight and Safeguards (IPOP) is a documented and approved plan used for the sole purpose of enhancing individual safety. It clearly lists the key activities that affect the health and welfare of an individual. The main idea is to document the procedures and guidelines for providing support to the individuals along with their protection and safety requirements for different programs. The plan is often linked to an individual’s person-centered service planning.

Who can benefit from IPOP?
As the main purpose of IPOP is ensuring individual safety, it is an effective feature for any agency providing support to individuals. The plan is linked to an individual’s ISP and clearly documents the protection and safety requirements of the individual along with recommended actions in details. As a result, care providers are always better equipped to give improved service.

Care Plan
The Care Plan module provides a platform for documentation of standard Care Plans. It comes equipped with Standard Care Plans in the Global Template Library which has been approved by a panel of experienced nurses. Using this modules Care Plans can be created for each problem with clearly identified goals and required approaches.