Mobile Application

Enter service data, progress notes, and record medications administered using Therap Mobile Applications. Therap provides mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

  • Reset Passwords
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • View & Enter T-Logs
  • View & Collect ISP Data
  • Information submitted is through the app and not saved to the device
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Calendar Based Schedule Building

Therap’s mobile apps provide a collection of tools that enable support professionals to provide improved care to individuals, especially those in a community setting.

ISP Data for Android and iOS Devices

  • Remotely collect service data
  • Verify visits using GPS location
  • Collect signatures to verify service delivery
  • Take photographs as part of documentation
  • View service data from a convenient location

The ISP Data tool on the Therap mobile app for iOS enables support professionals working in the home or community to navigate service plans of the individual they support and remotely collect service data. Program Managers or agency administrators are able to view the recorded data from their mobile devices for proof of service delivery. Photos are date and time stamped and directly uploaded to Therap. Each action taken by the user is marked with an electronic signature.

T-Log for Android & iOS Devices

  • Document daily logs, notes and follow-ups
  • Categorize health notes, behavior notes, contact & general information
  • Track daily logs from your mobile device

With the T-Log tool available on the Therap Mobile app, users can view and submit T-logs from a mobile device. The T-Log message submitted is automatically time and date stamped and is instantly available to supervisors. T-Logs can be used to document health and behavioral concerns and to act as staff-to-staff communication. T-Logs allow users to communicate effectively while retaining the confidentiality as the Information can be efficiently shared and followed up on in a HIPAA compliant way.

Mobile MAR for Android and iOS Devices

  • Administer and record scheduled and PRN medications
  • View allergies, diagnoses, and images of medication
  • Access shared medical contacts
  • Reference data for reduced medication errors

It allows users to record administrations, and view the scheduled medications in a day-view, with an ability to navigate forward or backward from the current date from a mobile device. The MAR tool also allows entry of administration of PRNs and other medications.The First DataBank drug reference tool is also available along with the picture to identify the drug. Users can also access an individual’s allergy records, diagnoses and contacts.

Mobile Password Reset for Android and iOS Devices

This is a feature for Therap administrator of agencies to reset passwords of staff members. It’s especially helpful for agencies in a distributed setting where overnight staff may forget their passwords. Users with the Reset Password role can use the function without additional cost to the provider, Simply download the app from the Google Play or the App Store and enjoy.