Mental Health

Electronic Documentation for Mental Health Service Providers

To learn about how Mental Health Care services are being documented on Therap

Are you facing any of these issues documenting mental health services?

  • Need an integrated comprehensive to track recovery-oriented services
  • Need access to demographic and medical information from a central location
  • Need tools to measure behavior patterns

Therap provides tools for mental and behavioral health service providers with documentation and reporting tools to successfully enhance recovery and promote emotional health.

How Therap Can Help

Therap’s suite of applications offers a range of person-centered documentation and reporting tools to assist mental health providers with the coordination and facilitation of recovery-oriented services for at risk individuals from individual centered planning tools of support programs, case plans, assessments to critical incident reporting of substance abuse or self harm.

  • Demographic and Identification data, Insurance, family contacts and clinical/service providers, including doctors, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists
  • Medical profiles including diagnoses, allergies and medications
  • Guidelines, information and emergency contacts
  • Schedule and document appointments with doctors, therapists, pathologists and other professionals
  • Track lab tests, immunizations and allergies
  • Monitor health status, rehabilitation and health outcomes through reports
  • Track scheduled, administered and PRN medications
  • Overview of due and overdue medications
  • Track critical incidents, injuries and events
  • Notification, review
  • Integrated incident management
  • Track significant health and quality of life outcomes for holistic care
  • Share Admit/Discharge/Transfer documents from hospitalizations/admissions
  • Note disclosures
  • Social and family histories, patient notes
  • Links Plan of Care
  • Acuity rating and risk outcomes
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • View & Enter Progress Notes
  • View & Collect Service Data
  • Information submitted is through the app and not saved to the device

Scheduling/Electronic Visit Verification

  • Calendar based schedule building
  • Service and limits are coordinated with Service Authorizations
  • Primary check-in/out via Therap mobile app (iOS and Android) – includes GPS location
  • Check-in/out optional in the regular Therap web application

Individual Care Plans

  • Over 1,000 customizable templates in a provider-generated library
  • Assignable to Health Care Plans and Assessments
To learn about how Mental Health Care services are being documented on Therap

National Resources

Additional Resources

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has proposed the National Behavioral Health Quality Framework (NBHQ) as set of behavioral health quality measures to be collected and tracked by age, race, ethnicity, and other factors to monitor the impact of health and behavioral health changes across the nation.

Contact us to learn more about how States and providers use Therap to track behavior health services within the NBHQ framework.

From: “Enhancing recovery orientation within mental health services: expanding the utility of values”, Journal of Mental Health Training Education and Practice

The implementation of recovery-oriented practices at the service-delivery level has proved to be an enduring challenge

Difficulty identifying exactly how to best determine whether an organisation is delivering recovery-oriented service

Involvement, choice, flexibility, sharing of information, education and support, and open dialogue, are central to practitioner provision of recovery-consistent support