Electronic Documentation for Supported Employment Providers

To learn more about how Employment Services are being documented on Therap

Are you facing any of these issues documenting supported employment services?

  • Need a comprehensive supported employment tracking system

  • Need tools to for data to track job placement, training and milestones

  • Need tools to create and track individualized plan for employment

Therap’s employment tools provide agencies supporting individuals with significant barriers to employment with the documentation and reporting features to successfully train and place individuals into meaningful, gainful employment.

How Therap Can Help

Therap’s suite of employment modules offer a range of documentation and reporting tools to employment agencies. From intake and referral of service to the individualized plan for employment and job coaching notes, training achievements and milestones, providers serving individuals facing barriers to employment have a number of tools available to assist in job training and placement.

  • Documents employment services & supports in real time
  • Record service data as they are provided
  • Develop Detailed Individualized Plan for Employment
  • Determine Goals, Objectives & Methodology
  • Generate Reports for Review & Analysis
To learn more about how Employment Services are being documented on Therap

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In May 2012, half of all persons with a disability who were not working reported some type of barrier to employment, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported […] Lack of education or training, lack of transportation, the need for special features at the job, and a person’s own disability were among the barriers reported. Among persons with a disability who were employed, over half had some difficulty completing their work duties because of their disability.