Comprehensive Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution for the 21st Century CURES Act

To learn more about how Therap can help meet the EVV requirements of the CURES Act

With the enactment of the 21st Century CURES Act to mandate Electronic Visit Verification for documenting personal care and home health care services, providers will need a solution to fulfill EVV compliance requirements outlined in Section 12006 of the CURES Act. Non-compliance penalties including reduced FMAP.

Therap’s Long Term Services and Support software assists providers in collecting data from the point of service by the person who is directly providing the services. With primary check in/out via the Therap mobile application and built-in GPS location tracking features, Therap’s tools for EVV help to facilitate the service delivery authentication process

EVV Compliance Requirements (outlined in Section 12006 of CURES Acts) Therap Features
Verify Type of service performed Service Authorizations allow tracking utilization of authorized services
Verify Individual receiving services Authorized services are attached to specific individuals
Verify Date of service Actions performed are automatically given an electronic date and time stamp
Verify Location of service delivery Built in GPS location tracking to track where services are being provided
Verify Individual providing services Capture of electronic signatures of staff providing service
Verify Time the service begins and ends Check in/out features allow for recording service begin and end times
To learn more about how Therap can help meet the EVV requirements of the CURES Act

Federal supports are available to states for implementing statewide EVV – CMS Session 1, pg 10

Therap Modules for EVV

  • Individual’s background data
  • Emergency contact including family and physicians
  • Diagnoses, dietary guidelines and advanced directives
  • Program enrollment information
  • Facilitate planning of individual-based services
  • Track progress and measure outcomes
  • Determine goals and objectives
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • View & Enter Progress Notes
  • View & Collect Service Data
  • Information submitted is through the app and not saved to the device


  • Calendar based schedule building
  • Primary check-in/out via Therap mobile app (iOS and Android) – includes GPS location
  • Service and limits are coordinated with Service Authorizations
  • Check-in/out optional in the regular Therap web application
To learn more about how Therap can help meet the EVV requirements of the CURES Act