Early Intervention

Electronic Documentation for Early Intervention Providers

To learn about how Early Intervention services are being documented on Therap

Are you facing any of these issues documenting early intervention services?

  • Need a comprehensive person-centered system

  • Need access to relevant information from a central location

  • Need tools to track screening and eligibility processes

  • Inaccuracies in service provision data

Therap provides tools for educational agencies and early intervention providers helping infants and toddlers with disabilities or developmental delays to build skills and bridge the gap in development.

How Therap Can Help

Therap’s Long Term Services and Supports software assists Early Intervention providers in tracking the service flow of diagnosed and at-risk children. Therap’s tools present a documentation solution where data can follow the child through transition to Head Start, preschool, early education and beyond.

  • Demographic and Identification data, Insurance, family contacts and clinical/service providers, including doctors, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists
  • Medical profiles including diagnoses, allergies and medications
  • Guidelines, information and emergency contacts
  • Personalize from a library of thousands of templates by service providers
  • Outcomes reporting, clinical and statistical reports
  • Billable service by duration, type
  • Configurable questionnaire for compliance questions, checklists, surveys
  • Falls prevention
  • Track critical incidents, injuries, events

Letter Module

  • Templates and Form letters to family members, service providers
  • Manage mailing lists, contacts
  • Track at-risk children prior to intake
  • Pending Admission notes allow for pre-intake notations that may travel with referrals
  • Eligibility templates including required documents, category, status and referred by
  • Admission to services, program enrollment
  • Referral from service coordination agency or state education agency to clinical services and education providers
  • Assessments and Worksheets to determine services
  • Manage Needs and Interventions
  • Set and review timelines
  • Note screenings and assessments
  • Track parental consent, by type, date
To learn about how Early Intervention services are being documented on Therap

Children need comprehensive model that is explicitly designed to integrate the complex elements that constitute an early intervention system
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There is correlation between child poverty and need for early intervention
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Screening tools like PDQ1 facilitate access to Early Intervention Services
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