Comprehensive Incident Management and Incident Reporting

Therap’s Incident Reporting tools, have been designed to track reportable incidents for an individual. Using the incident reporting tool, users can report and follow-up on a wide range of incidents including injuries, behavioral concerns, restraints and accidents.

Types of Events on an Incident Report

  • Injury
  • Medication Error
  • Restraint related to behavior

  • Restraint Other
  • Death
  • Other


You may select a Notification Level for an incident report to denote the importance or urgency of the incident being reported. Notifications can be received via a text on your phone/pager, as an email or through Therap’s Secure Communications module.

State Specific Incident Reporting Forms

Many states require incident reports to be submitted in a specific format. Therap provides the option to add state specific information regarding an incident to the incident forms as well. The state specific incident reporting forms have been designed according to the policy of different States. Users are also able to take printable version of the state specific information regarding an incident.

Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation Reports

Allegations of abuse, neglect, and exploitation can be reported using the Therap’s Incident Reporting module. There are options to indicate whether abuse, neglect and exploitation is suspected for a particular incident including details of the type of abuse, neglect, and exploitation amongst others. The system’s flexible notification mechanism sends automatic and real-time alerts of incidents and allegation via the Secure Communications module, email and text messages.

Medication Error Reports

Incidents caused due to a medication error can be documented using Therap’s Incident Reporting module. The medication error event data is pulled from an individual’s medication history profile for accurate reference of the exact medication that was administered by error.

Witness Reports

Therap Witness Report is integrated with the incident reporting tool within the system to allow users to include reports from witnesses involved in incidents. Once a user is mentioned as a witness in a Incident Reporting form, the witness is automatically notified as he finds new witness forms on his personal worklist. He can then complete the forms and submit those for review.

GER Dashboard

The Incidenting reporting Dashboard provides the ability to identify Incident Reports trends at the state, provider, program type, and program levels. Providers can perform comparative analyses of variables including type, cause, severity, and location of incidents to enhance overall quality assurance and reduction of incidents. Oversight Providers can view information for both Oversight agency and Linked agencies in order to get a quick overview of the vast number of individuals receiving services.