Electronic Documentation for Long Term Services and Supports

Therap’s person-centered model allows for documentation, reporting and communication in the LTSS setting in an effort to ensure and maintain quality of individualized care

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Therap is a web-based application suite designed to provide a comprehensive solution for the planning, documentation, reporting, communication and billing needs of organizations providing Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS). Therap Services has over 16 years of experience in the industry working in 50 States, with state governments, providers and stakeholders in the LTSS community.

Therap Suite of Products

  • Comprehensive Documentation System
  • Incident Management and Oversight
  • Real-Time Notfications
  • Measure Health Outcomes
  • Person-Centered Data and Trends
  • Mobile Application
  • Electronic Visit Verification

Therap Team Members are Everywhere! Therap is used across 50 states, by State and provider agencies.

Therap hosts conferences in different states and provides agencies a platform to discuss regional issues, state regulations, implementation of Therap applications and more. Therap also holds user group meetings for users to meet and discuss statewide requirements and latest Therap updates.

Justin Brockie

Justin M. Brockie
Chief Operating Officer

Shirley Kervin

Shirley Kervin
Senior Business Analyst

Stephen Flanigan

Stephen Flanigan
Assistant Director,
Strategic Initiatives

To learn more about Therap suite of applications